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 so it's been a long time since i've blogged. i've been really busy cleaning out my room = = right now, it's day 3 hahaha and it's still a mess but whatever. at least i can kinda see my floor :D hmmm... i really don't know what to blog about, nothing interesting's come up anyway. so far my summer's been boring. after graduation, i haven't rly done anything. I NEED TO GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! I DON'T LIKE LOOKING AT THE CRAP IN MY ROOM! but since i did, i found a poem that i wrote for english class and this one girl inspired me to write it ^_^ here it is: (btw, it is not supposed to have a rhyme scheme or any of that sort. it's just free verse i guess...)

Anguish and grief stirs as one hopes for simplicity and tranquility
How difficult does one have to survive,
In a cruel world, with cruel people? One must fight.
An unending battle between emotions and reality
A war that will turn out to be inevitably lost
Even the power of the suns rays...
Cannot compare to the thunderstorms engraved in her heart
Days go by, as she stares blankly at the skies
Thinking her fantasies would slowly make her problems subside
These hopeless romances that engulf through her mind
Will only exacerbate the problem and make her solution harder to find

i know, it's not that good. i wrote it during study hall the day it was due cuz i didn't know that we had to turn it in -.-
Oh... and look what i found!!! my spanish poem<3 i liked it. and i worked hard on it too... unfortunately i only got an 88 i think :(

Días más cortos y largas noches frías
Una temporada lleno de felizidad
época para escuchar la risa de las niñas
El comienzo de una nueva amistad

Un copo de nieve es como un cristal
Única en su propia manera y real
Suavemente cae sobre la tierra
Pero ay! Una tormenta de nieve entra

Hay un oc
éano de crema rica y abundante
Me pregunto si es s
ólo un sueño
Yo toqu
é su textura suave
Como que estoy en una nube es una sensac
ión muy bueno

Los niños han venido a jugar
Todos vestidos con gusto para la temperatura en este lugar
Ellos son tontos pero muy creativos
Se puede ver patinar, andar en trineo. Son muy puros.

Los padres est
án llamando para regresar a casa
Todos empiezan a comer galletas y beber leche
Un momento de encuentro es una cosa maravillosa
Las luces de las casas brillan en este noche

Cuando los ni
ños se levantan, el sol está afuera
Y la nieve y el hielo han ido
Pero las memor
ías nunca se van
Siempre hay esperanza cuando el invierno regresa.


Shorter days and long cold nights
A season full of felicity
A time to hear the laughter of children
The beginning of a new friendship

A snowflake is like a crystal
Unique in its own way and real

Gently falling on the earth
But alas! A snowstorm

There is an ocean of rich and abundant cream
I wonder if it's just a dream
I touched this soft texture
As if i'm in a cloud, a very good sensation

The children have come to play
All dressed warmly for the temperature at this location
They are silly but very creative
You can see skating, sledding. They are very pure.

Parents are calling to return home
All start eating cookies and drinking milk
A moment of encounter is a wonderful thing
The house lights shine in the night

When the children awaken, the sun is out
And the snow and ice have gone
But memories never go away
There is always hope when winter returns.


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