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this morning was sooo horrible. stupid oily lunch, stupid NHS rehearsal [[no friends]], not getting anything done in cloth/fashn,.. the only good thing was that i finally found my reeds that i bought lik 344938437 years ago and they work so awesomely:DDD hmmm... gym was stupid. stupid big ball of more stupidity. wow ppl just can't get any dumber... then again, it's gym -_________- can't really expect anything to come from their tiny brains...
ANDOHMYGOD! the highlight of my day was my stupid guidance counselor!! are you really this desperate to come into my cloth/fashn class to keep bothering me about my schedule for nxt year?!?!?!?! really? why can't you just call home and involve my parents in it??? sheesh. bring up a topic that was already settled so long ago. the only good thing in school besides bein with friends is the fact that i don't hear my parents fxcking interrogating me about every single thing i do... but no, that's the guidance counselor's job while we're at school. srsly you ppl are fucking spoiled. let the whole school rot while you guys get all the air conditioning. and you guys discourage ppl in what electives/classes they want to take. i thought that your whole purpose was to guide people hence, guidance counselor... but please, your standpoint is just a pile of bullshit. i can't wait 'til college cuz this school is screwed up. of all the school faculty, i think you guidance counselors should be fired. honestly, there are a lot of good teachers who are losing their jobs, but i believe that they deserve it. you guys on the other hand, are just too incompetent to hold a position as a guidance counselor, truthfully.
hmmm.. what else.. NHS? please. just stop talking about it. there is so much drama about ppl getting in/not getting in. just drop the subject. there's nothing more you can say or do. it's over. the induction ceremony's tonite. if u got in, congratulations. if you didn't, there are more opportunities in the world. don't let your whole world crash because of one thing. i agree that there are ppl in there who don't deserve to b there and there are ppl who aren't in there but they deserve to be there. but face it, the world just doesn't seem to obey our every command or our every desire. [trust me, i've been dwelling on this really dumb subject for months now and i still can't get over it.] i'm sick and tired of hearing about this, which is exactly y i didn't sign up for it in the first place. honestly, you ppl can refute/retaliate but there's rly nothing good that will come out of it. just save up your energy for something that's worth more. this honors society can't just b the only thing you're aiming for. there are more important things, i know it looks nice in college apps but it's just a title, nothing more. i bet in a bajillion years, it won't even matter, as long as you get into a good college and get a well-earned job. being in this society's just of little value in the future. just keep your head up high, good things will surely come:D
so katherine and i were arguing about which one's harder... learning guitar or learning a brass instrument. honestly i thought that guitar is pretty hard. katherine thinks a brass instrument is hard. i really dunno other ppl's opinions about this subject.. it'd b interesting to hear feedback about this...
... what else, my math quiz... it was actually pretty good/easy. i hope i didn't jinx that ><if i get a 100 on it i'd b getting a B- that's how bad my quiz grades are -.- it's funny how i do better on tests than quizzes. hah.
sooo.... i'm really excited for Cara's party :DDDD i really can't wait... idk if it's because i just can't wait to see him or because i actually want to be there to celebrate Cara's big day. i feel so selfish. i really can't think of anyone but him. buh gahh.. i still need to get her a present >< and i need to make friendship bracelets!!! i need time.... to do that english essay... i can't procrastinate. this habit's been goin on for sometime now, and i don't rly see how it happened. i've always done my work in middle school. i felt so accomplished.
i guess i've been distracted cuz of guys and i've been really caught up in that stupid subject. hopefully i don't blow things over just because of a guy. but i really can't picture myself liking any other guy tho... sigh... he's graduating soon. that could be good or bad idk what to think of it. i already know ppl are calling me stupid for liking him. i really don't know why... i write his name all over my notebooks. all i can ever draw are hearts. i can't seem to be able to get him out of my mind. i get really excited when i see him in the hallway. i even change my routes just to see his face. LOVESTRUCK. but he hates me now... whatever. i can't do anything. >< y did she have to make things worse?
but at least driving was good:D as always


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